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Opening Speech at the Second Budapest Demographic Forum, Held in Conjunction with World Congress of Families XI

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

May 25, 2017, Budapest, Hungary


On May 24-28 of this year, friends of the family from around the globe gathered in beautiful and historic Budapest, Hungary, for the Second Budapest Demographic Forum and World Congress of Families XI. The theme of the joint meeting was “Building Family-Friendly Nations: Making Families Strong Again,” and demography was a predominant theme. Hungary has been the home of some of the most innovative family-strengthening policies in contemporary Europe, including some truly admirable programs aimed at increasing the birthrate (see the essay by Katalin Novák, “The Spirit, Tools, and Results of Hungary’s Family Policy,” The Natural Family 31.1, 2017). It is fitting that in an issue devoted to demography, we here reproduce the opening speech, given by Hungary’s Prime Minster Viktor Orbán, with permission from the Prime Minister’s office.

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